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Squashstringing London

My name is Peter Urkedal, originally from Norway, but moved to London in 2009. This was when I decided to start playing squash, a sport I had only occasionally tried before. Having playing junior badminton since I was 6 years old, squash seemed like an easy sport to me... was I ever wrong :)  It has been a sometimes painful discovery just how good a workout and mental challenge squash is.

In 2010 I started offering stringing services and rackets through what is now, and at this point I have strung thousands of rackets from all sports. You will find me training and playing at The Athletic Club North and at Goodlife Galleria, but I also occasionally play at other clubs. 

In addition to stringing rackets I am the founder and part owner of the racket company Xamsa, so that is why you will find a lot of Xamsa products on my site. Through my connections in the industry, I can provide great deals on most other products as well. 

I have now purchased Of Courts, the physical racket store located at 121 Oxford Street, together with Derek Moore.

Together with Derek, the head pro at Goodlife Galleria, we also offer squash lessons.


You can contact me by;

Cell  519 476 4410